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Boot drive not detected
Hello all,

I am an experience PC tech but I have run into this issue that I can't seem to fix. I am working of my friends HP Pavillion desktop. For some reason it just won't coldboot. Start the PC and it tells you to restart and select a bootable drive. Go into BIOS, then exit BIOS without changing anything and it boots fine. Restart it once it's running, boots fine. I have obviously checked the boot sequence, the HD with several test, the SATA cables. If anyone has any ideas I can try
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Boot problem
I'm working on trying to fix my Dell XPS 410. I had a problem with the computer crashing often, but when I would reboot everything would come up as normal on the screen. I could work again on the computer until it would crash again and then I would have to do the reboot process again.
Here is what I have done to try to fix the problem and what my problem is now.
Thinking it my be a hard Dive issue, I put in a new hard Drive.
Booted up the computer OKAY but still had the crashing problem.
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PC rebooting randomly or not giving signal on boot
My PC for the past month or so has been restarting randomly and ofc gives a beep on start up, it then gave no signal when booting.(I set it to beep on startup in BIOS) 

Tried it on different screens, tried different graphics cards (another 1050ti) took apart and checked, cleaned my GPU and PSU and changed PCI slots and it just worked again for a week.

It has now done it again but even after cleaning CPU, etc, all the same fixes when I start my pc it doesn't beep and doesn't give any signal
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Desktop won't boot with 4 GB RAM
I am a disabled retired mechanic.  I work on computers to have something to do with my time.

My problem is that the desktop I am now working on won't boot when two sticks of 2 GB ram is installed.  It will boot with two GB in DIMM 1 or DIMM 2 but not when both DIMM's are populated.  

The desktop is a Dell Optiplex 520 that I was given and wouldn't boot.  I found the one stick of ram bad.  The desktop came with XP but I installed W7 Pro x64 to see if the motherboard would run W7.  It had 2