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Mac repair services in Charlotte NC
Datasyst has Apple Certified Technicians completing authorized repairs on any Apple product. Our expertise, our parts and service are the quality Apple intended. Setup an appointment with your local mac repair Charlotte NC store. All repairs are authorized by Apple, so your warranty stays intact. Service and Repairs we offer at Datasyst : 
  1. Screen damage
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Apple Certified Retailer In Fort Mill
Whether you are looking for Apple certified retailer near me in the USA. Then, Datasyst Technology Services provides a complete repair solution company for Apple computers and printer. Our technicians can assist you in the following areas: PC Repair / Upgrades, Laptop Repair / Upgrades, MAC Repair / Wireless Networking, Data Recovery, etc. If you need any technical services then, call at "704-523-3548".
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Pc turns on right after the power supply is plugged in then shuts down after 4 second
Hey, so, i was cleaning this computer and changing it's thermal paste but after everything was clean i tried plugging in the power supply. The computer turned on by itself and then shut down after 3-4 seconds. The power button doesn't do anything. I tried removing everything non essential, leaving only the 2 "wires" that come out of the power supply, the processor fan, ram module and a monitor to see if it shows something on screen. Still didn't work. I read on some websites that it might be a s