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sound not working
ok if your sound isn't working here is a list of steps to take.

1. make sure your speakers are plugged into the wall
2. the green plug from your speakers plug into the green plug in the back of your computer
3. on your computer screen in windows in the bottom right toolbar makes sure the volume is turned up on the speaker icon if the icon is red and doesn't detect any speakers you need to search for drivers for the sound card or your motherboard drivers.
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Boot drive not detected
Hello all,

I am an experience PC tech but I have run into this issue that I can't seem to fix. I am working of my friends HP Pavillion desktop. For some reason it just won't coldboot. Start the PC and it tells you to restart and select a bootable drive. Go into BIOS, then exit BIOS without changing anything and it boots fine. Restart it once it's running, boots fine. I have obviously checked the boot sequence, the HD with several test, the SATA cables. If anyone has any ideas I can try
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Java installed but not detected
I have a desktop with Windows Vista 32 bit and I cannot get Java to work. It's listed under Programs but when I run Verify on the Java website, it does not detect Java as installed. I have uninstalled all versions before downloading the latest version. I have gone through every suggestion under Troubleshooting on the Java website with no luck. I have turned off my firewall to try verifying but it still does not detect. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? How does it appear that it's insta
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PC rebooting randomly or not giving signal on boot
My PC for the past month or so has been restarting randomly and ofc gives a beep on start up, it then gave no signal when booting.(I set it to beep on startup in BIOS) 

Tried it on different screens, tried different graphics cards (another 1050ti) took apart and checked, cleaned my GPU and PSU and changed PCI slots and it just worked again for a week.

It has now done it again but even after cleaning CPU, etc, all the same fixes when I start my pc it doesn't beep and doesn't give any signal