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HP pc problems
Hi all I'm new to this forum and I'm in desperate need of  some advice 
I was given a dead HP touchsmart PC that I would like to get working again as I like to tinker around with PCs and electronic stuff .
Ok let me tell you what's wrong if i plug the mains plug in it will just turn on I'll do not need to touch the power button , the power supply  fan spin the cooling fan will spin you can hear the hard drive spinning and if I put a CD in you also hear the disk drivers spinning and trying to r
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PC Freezes
Hi, I have an Alienware Aurora-R4(don't shame me I was 14) which I got about 5 years ago. For the last couple of months, it froze on random occasions, mostly while gaming. The only thing I can do when this happens is to restart my PC.
I friend of mine advised me to install a clean version of windows, so I did just that but that didn't help.
I also did the following tests:
[color=#1a1a1b]DirectX diagnosis of my Graphics Card
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Pc turns on right after the power supply is plugged in then shuts down after 4 second
Hey, so, i was cleaning this computer and changing it's thermal paste but after everything was clean i tried plugging in the power supply. The computer turned on by itself and then shut down after 3-4 seconds. The power button doesn't do anything. I tried removing everything non essential, leaving only the 2 "wires" that come out of the power supply, the processor fan, ram module and a monitor to see if it shows something on screen. Still didn't work. I read on some websites that it might be a s
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PC rebooting randomly or not giving signal on boot
My PC for the past month or so has been restarting randomly and ofc gives a beep on start up, it then gave no signal when booting.(I set it to beep on startup in BIOS) 

Tried it on different screens, tried different graphics cards (another 1050ti) took apart and checked, cleaned my GPU and PSU and changed PCI slots and it just worked again for a week.

It has now done it again but even after cleaning CPU, etc, all the same fixes when I start my pc it doesn't beep and doesn't give any signal
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Broken PC
Okay so basically it's my own fault but I broke my PC, but I'm not sure which component I've broken and need to replace. So basically from moving house, I think the box my computer was packed in must have jolted and broken my graphics card. Now that was my first mistake, so that was that put the graphics card in the bin and was going to buy a new one but never got round to it. Now this was my second mistake, but I continued to use my computer as it was without the graphics card for just simple s