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PC won't POST
I have a self-built mid-range gaming pc, which recently refused to POST.
The day before it stopped, it had started microstuttering. not very frequently, but about 5-6 times a minute. I brushed it off as the game bugging out. The next day, when I try to turn it on, only the fans would start spinning, no POST. I have tried everything from cleaning the pc to reseating the RAM, GPU and even the CPU, cleared the Real Time Clock via a jumper on the motherboard, removed the CMOS battery for a minut
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PC difficult to turn on
Hi all,

I have a peculiar problem with my PC, in that it is difficult to turn on.

I know this sounds strange, how hard can it be to press the power switch? Well, the problem is that pressing the power switch doesn't always turn on the PC.

At first, there was no problem, but then pressing the front panel power switch would not turn on the computer instantly. I had to hold the power button down for about 5 seconds, wait a few seconds, then hold the power button for another 5 seconds to ge