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second down 4 shuts then in plugged supply is power after the right on turns pc

Pc turns on right after the power supply is plugged in then shuts down after 4 second
Hey, so, i was cleaning this computer and changing it's thermal paste but after everything was clean i tried plugging in the power supply. The computer turned on by itself and then shut down after 3-4 seconds. The power button doesn't do anything. I tried removing everything non essential, leaving only the 2 "wires" that come out of the power supply, the processor fan, ram module and a monitor to see if it shows something on screen. Still didn't work. I read on some websites that it might be a short circuit, so i tried unplugging the 4 pin wire that delivers power to the processor and after that the computer doesn't shut down by itself (but obviously doesn't show anything on screen either). I assumed it's a short circuit close to the processor. I tested all the mosfet and they're all good.

The motherboard is a G31MV series N15235 (like really old) and the processor is a core i2 duo something.
There's a video of what's happening so you guys can actually see what's it.

Thanks in advice for any help provided


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