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crosspost from mobo issued pc rebooting randomly or not giving signal on boot

[Crosspost from MOBO issued] PC rebooting randomly or not giving signal on boot
My PC for the past month or so has been restarting randomly and ofc gives a beep on start up, it then gave no signal when booting.(I set it to beep on startup in BIOS) 

Tried it on different screens, tried different graphics cards (another 1050ti) took apart and checked, cleaned my GPU and PSU and changed PCI slots and it just worked again for a week.

It has now done it again but even after cleaning CPU, etc, all the same fixes when I start my pc it doesn't beep and doesn't give any signal.

I've taken out all my ram and am running on 1 8gb ddr4 only. 

Cleaned heatsink and refitted CPU

I've unplugged and replugged all power cables, I can't get a signal from the motherboard when trying to boot from integrated graphics and am at a loss for what to do.

Going to remove and reinstall my PSU again now but it seems like it's a far cry.

Anyone have any ideas?, 

B250m Pro4 mobo 
Intel quad core cpu 
1tb hdd 
256gb ssd 
512gb ssd
Nvidia 1050ti
Corsair VS550 PSU 
4 x 8gb hyperx fury DDR4

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