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broken pc

Broken PC
Okay so basically it's my own fault but I broke my PC, but I'm not sure which component I've broken and need to replace. So basically from moving house, I think the box my computer was packed in must have jolted and broken my graphics card. Now that was my first mistake, so that was that put the graphics card in the bin and was going to buy a new one but never got round to it. Now this was my second mistake, but I continued to use my computer as it was without the graphics card for just simple stuff like photoshops and university work, but now it's completely slowed down to the point where I can log on but no further, I get to my desktop and the taskbar and icons don't load and nothing opens, I was wondering if anyone would know what component has now broken to cause this? I'm going to then replace that component and my graphics card with my next student loan Smile

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